The clock is ticking for millions of Canadians with heart disease – but like the final seconds of a football game, there is hope.

At the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC), our mission is to be a global leader in the development and evaluation of innovative cardiac and vascular therapies. Started in 2001, the PMCC’s Mechanical Heart Program is now the largest and most diverse clinical program in Canada, offering multiple leading-edge technologies specifically suited to individual patient needs.

Mechanical hearts provide an immediate lifeline for patients with heart failure, the most rapidly-rising cardiovascular disease across the country. One million Canadians currently have heart failure, with 60,000 new patients diagnosed each year. A mechanical heart can support a damaged heart until its function recovers or until a matching donor heart is available. This sophisticated, miniature mechanical pump is surgically-implanted on one or both sides of the heart. 

CP Touchdowns for Heart
Through CP Has Heart CP will donate $5,000 for every home team touchdown during the CFL playoffs on November 13 and 20, and $10,000 per touchdown by either team during the Grey Cup in Toronto on November 27, 2016.  CP's contribution will support the Mechanical Heart Program. 

We Need Your Help!
Over 2,000 patients in Canada are currently in need of a heart transplant. There are simply not enough hearts available through donors, so other therapies and options are needed. Demand for mechanical heart devices will only continue to grow as a result.

Philanthropic leadership has played a vital role in the development and continued growth of the Mechanical Heart Program. Enabled through the support of our donors, the PMCC has successfully implanted over 190 devices, offering patients access to nine different types of mechanical hearts; the most diverse array of circulatory support technology in Canada.

Your support today will help our team continue to battle the epidemic of heart failure with new discoveries and technologies. Please help us in our mission to alleviate the burden of heart failure in Canada.



Thoratec mechanical heart device

Dr. Viv Rao, Head, Division of Cardiovascular Surgery, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, ready to implant a mechanical heart device

Jamie Wilkinson with his spouse, Heather Lannon. Jamie received a mechanical heart implant on May 5, 2015. Too sick to receive a heart transplant, Jamie says the mechanical heart has given him back his life!