Designing a website for your company can be as easy or as complicated as you can make it. Generally speaking the more you know about web design and programming, the nicer your site has the potential to be. HTML is the backbone of any web design project, but if you want to add a little flair to your work you might consider dabbling in PHP, CSS, Flash, or Java. This article will give you a brief overview of using Flash that can be helpful for beginners.

Flash is a program that is owned and distributed by Adobe, but was originally developed by a company called Macromedia. As the "media" in the name implies, Flash is used to manipulate and control graphics and animation. You can use Flash to design images and video about your business which can then be posted on your website through an integrated Flash player. Unlike viewing HTML which is displayable in any browser, in order for users to view your Flash content, they will have to have downloaded the player.

Flash is a more complicated language to write in than HTML. Many beginning users find it prohibitively complex if they have not studied computer languages in a formal setting. However, if you want to incorporate Flash elements into your website, it is not necessary to learn the language yourself as the professional developer program has a graphical interface. There are also number of programs, some open source, some third party, that allow users to create in Flash without all of the features.

The Flash player, which users will need to view any content you create in Flash, is free to download, but in order to create in Flash you will need to buy the Flash professional program from Adobe. The cost of this program is nearly $700, so if you're only designing one website it may be worth it to simply hire out any content you want to create in flash to a web developer.

Flash is used for a variety of types of graphic displays online, including pictures, video, animations, and advertising. However, if you want to include this types of content on your website to boost its glam factor, Flash is not your only option. You can create the same sorts of content about your content using Java, Microsoft Silverlight, HMTL 5, or SVG, which is open source and therefore free.

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