There are lots of different careers that have been drastically changed over the past two decades thanks to all of the advancements that have been made in technology and design is definitely one of them. If you're someone who has a need to make 2D and 3D images then you might have come across a program called AutoCAD. This is something that can be used to create models that can be used by so many business owners and can be used by the architects that are creating the world's largest buildings. Here is a little more about what this software is all about.

What is now called AutoCAD started out as a program called Interact and was developed by an inventor names Michael Riddle. The purpose of this program was to be able to do 3D modelling and the current version runs on an interface that can be used with a Mac or a PC computer. If you're someone who's trying to develop pictures or you want to design a new car then you might be able to start by making use of this program.

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CAD stands for computer aided design and always relates to drafting or design software. AutoCAD was the first program of its kind that was available to be used by individuals on their personal home computers. It was designed to help those that were developing buildings or a park space who did not want to spend the time doing all of their work by hand. The newest versions of the program are much more than just a C++ programming interface and are still doing a lot to raise the bar when it comes to advanced 3D tools.

There are a few different formats of AutoCAD out there and you should make sure that you get the right one before you start designing your blue prints for a new skyscraper or start creating blueprints for a machine. There are versions out there that are meant for those working in the manufacturing, construction, engineering, and architectural industries. This is something that is currently helping civil engineers to create plans for new water piping lines and is even used by aeronautical drafters. If you're building a career as a drafter of any kind then you are sure to come across this program and use it when you're making your own picture print work in 2D and 3D. If you want to know more about using this software then there are several tutorials and online classes that can help you gain the knowledge that you need. Some careers in design and drafting require you to take a course in working with this program. There is one client who states that they use this program to help them redesign rooms for construction on homes that have been destroyed by fire or flooding. It has been very successful for their company.

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