In this day and age, no business can really afford to be without a website. Blogs and free pages don't create the right impression in the minds of consumers, so if you want to be taken seriously in the world of e-business it's absolutely essential that you have your own registered domain. With a registered domain (find definition here), comes the needs for hosting services, and that's where particular companies like ours come in. They provide affordable shared and dedicated web hosting to any business, whether big or small or consisting of a single individual. If you would like to learn more about web hosting, building a web site, or services by XIMinc, you've come to the right website.

Silicon Valley in California is the accepted hub of the companies who brought about the digital age, but the time has passed when all of computerdom's biggest players were located there. Today web hosting companies can be found in all countries, states, and cities so that if you feel the need, you can buy you web hosting from a company near enough to visit. It's easier on your taxes and accounts if you host in the same country you do business in, but it's not strictly necessary.

So what does a web hosting company do, anyway? Well, when you design a website, everything on your website from the text advertising your products to the photos depicting them must be stored somewhere so that users may access it. These storage units are called servers. Some companies have their own servers, but in order to maintain and protect a server from hackers and other internet maladies, you need a dedicated IT person on staff. If you don't have one, it's in your best interests to hire another company to host your site for you and keep its files up to date and protected. They could even help you find and register a domain, which is your website's address.

We recognize that not every business owner is web savvy enough to write his or her own website code, or rich enough to keep a dedicated programmer on staff, so the CEO, extended his helpful mindset beyond the sphere of family and friends to clients. As a supporter of open-source projects and community development, he made sure we could provide affordable solutions so that small businesses and nonprofit groups can have the same advantages as big companies with lots of money.

We care about customers first and money second. Anyone who wished to avail themselves of the company's services would be looked after as if they were family. Carrying on in that spirit, our website is the place to come if you want free information and tips on how to design, build, and host a website. Check out the navigation bar at the top of the page for a list of helpful articles on everything from choosing a domain name to evaluating which web hosting package you need for your company's site.

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