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Watch the video to hear CFL Hall of Famer Matt Dunigan, now a TSN analyst, shares his story about concussions. Plus, find out why he’s donating his brain to Dr. Charles Tator and the Canadian Sports Concussion Project. (Video: UHN/YouTube)


Canadian Concussion Centre furthers understanding of postconscussion syndrome (read more)


Publications & Presentations by members of our Concussion Team as of April 2015 (Read List here)



In the News


  • Initiation of a treatment Strategy:

    The Canadian Sports Concussion Project launched in 2014 an intervention program for participants in the Professional Athletes study.
    The components of the intervention include:  1) a cognitive therapy, called Goal Management Training (GMT) to improve ‘high level’ thinking skills and the ability to carry out a day to day goals,  2) a psychological therapy, called Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), for improving an emotional well-being and coping skills; and 3) an “environmental enrichment” exercise program, to maximize  a brain health

  • Establishment of Canada’s  first Chair in Concussion Research, the Gerald and Marion Soloway Chair, a joint Toronto Western Hospital/University of Toronto Academic Chair

  • Establishment of the Canada’s first Concussion Clinical and Research Fellowship established in 2013 with support from the Allison Project

  • As of July 2014 ,110 individuals with concussion have been recruited to the concussion research projects and have undergone detailed neurological examination, a series of neuropsychological tests and advanced MR research  imaging for concussion